FSU Quarterback Jordan Travis Dribbled A Football And Turned A Potential Disaster Into A Touchdown

Jordan Travis and the Florida State Seminoles got off to a 2-3 start to the year, but are coming off of a huge win last week against the then-fifth ranked North Carolina Tar Heels. Travis had one heck of a day on the ground against UNC — 16 carries, 107 yards, two scores — and on Saturday afternoon, he used his legs to get the ‘Noles on the board against Louisville.

Florida State had the ball on the Cardinal eight yard line in the first quarter. The team ran a pretty standard read option on third-and-5, but disaster nearly struck as the ball fell to the ground as Travis went to keep it. He somehow managed to turn tragedy into a touchdown, though, as Travis dribbled the ball, scooped it up, made a whole bunch of dudes miss, and scampered his way into the end zone for six.

The dribbling of the ball is, of course, ridiculous — anyone who has ever bounced a football on the ground knows that its oblong shape makes it nearly impossible to judge as it comes up into your arms, and to do it in this moment as defenders are bearing down on him is wildly impressive. But beyond that, how he made a bunch of dude miss is just as crazy. Football is a game of inches, and that was on display here, both with how Travis had to bounce the ball in a very specific way so this worked and with how he made dudes miss by a hair en route to the end zone.