Florida State Took Two Different Team Pictures, With And Without A Player Facing A Battery Charge

08.09.15 4 years ago
Rose Bowl - Oregon v Florida State

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Florida State running back Dalvin Cook is currently refuting the charges of battery brought against him when he was accused of punching a woman several times outside of a Tallahassee bar back in June.

In the wake of the charges, Cook was suspended indefinitely by Florida State, but if the charges are dropped or Cook is found to be innocent like he claims, he will assuredly be brought back into the fold for FSU this season.

Instead of just playing it safe and leaving the star running back off of the Seminoles’ 2015-16 team picture and leaving him home for media day, head coach Jimbo Fisher decided to take two pictures: One with Cook, and one without him.

How Fisher decided that this was the best solution is beyond me. Sure, if Cook is not found to be guilty of the charges and rejoins the team, he won’t be in the official team picture. Who really cares. But forcing him to actually get up and physically leave for a second photo, therefore creating even more of a spectacle, is just a bizarre choice.

(Via Warchant / Brendan Sonnone)

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