Florida’s Leaders Really Get It Now

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03.30.11 4 Comments

As a Florida resident, I like to keep up on the state’s top news, and I’m not talking about stupid stuff like a Sun Rail that could create thousands of jobs being shot down or the governor creating a new drug testing system for state employees and welfare recipients that directly benefits his own medical clinics. Nope, I’m talking about whether or not I can have my remains stored at the International Speedway in Daytona, and thanks to the diligent lawmakers in Florida, on July 1 I will.

The Florida House and Senate will soon vote to pass legislation that makes it legal for columbariums to be built at Daytona and the Homestead Miami Speedway. A columbarium, of course, is a building that stores urns, so NASCAR fans could pay respect to their loved ones before they take their shirts off and urinate into Bud Fat tallboys.

International Speedway Corp. spokesman Lenny Santiago said many NASCAR fans have inquired over the years about having their ashes laid to rest at Daytona International Speedway.

“We have a lot of fans that are very, very loyal to NASCAR races and to Daytona in general,” Santiago said. “This opens that door, this bill, and we’re hopeful that this will get passed.” (Via Daytona Beach News Journal)

And it will get passed because if you know anything about Florida politicians it’s that they truly love their sports.

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