Floyd Mayweather Made A $3 Million Bet That He’d Knock Out Conor McGregor

The Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor boxing superfight was an entertaining spectacle that made both men even richer than they were before. And with that, there’s been some talk that maybe the feud between the two was fake, created largely to sell pay-per-view units. And hey, that’s almost always the case to one degree or another. Wolf tickets, as Nick Diaz would say.

But recent photos featuring a giant mural of McGregor in Mayweather’s house have some asking the same question as this Hot 97 dj posed to Floyd’s buddy 50 Cent: “Do him and Conor love each other secretly?”

“Nah, he really don’t like him,” 50 replied, revealing the two FaceTime regularly. “He really don’t. All that he was getting away with, saying, touching his head and all that. Floyd did not like that. He went to the Sportsbook to bet $3 million dollars on himself knocking McGregor out. That’s why I knew, I said go get that money, he gonna kill him.”

Floyd has a history of betting big on himself leading up to his fights, but the most we know about that subject for the McGregor fight was that a) he would be doing it and b) one sportsbook turned down a $400,000 bet from the boxing legend. Now we’ve got a more concrete and impressive number. It really depends on what kind of line Mayweather found for himself, but some sportsbooks were offering -150 odds for a KO of McGregor, which would have netted him a cool $2 million.

So did 50 Cent also bet on Mayweather?

“I bet, yeah.” he said, though he refused to say how much. “I ain’t saying nothing about that. I’m gonna show you my taxes when Trump shows his.”

(via Hot 97)