Floyd Mayweather’s New $7.7M House Looks Like Something Straight Out Of A Movie

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If the sport where Floyd Mayweather Jr. plied his trade actually featured a ball, he’d be a baller in every sense of the word. Instead, his sport features eight-ounce gloves and concussive blows to the skull, so Floyd has to settle for being a regular ol’ rich dude. His exorbitant spending is the stuff of legend, his gambling wins and losses are internet fodder every time he posts them, and his purses for each fight could fund small countries for years. All of that makes his latest purchase almost normal in Floyd world, but his ridiculous new Miami home is something straight out of a movie.

The Los Angeles Times reports Floyd purchased the home for $7.7 million, and he actually got a deal because the latest listed asking price was $8.49 million. Rich people love making absurd purchases like a $7.7 million home and still saving close to a million. Anyway, the house features rich people architecture like “clean lines, vaulted interiors and Ipe wood siding” and regular people amenities like “a pool” and “OMG look at that view of the ocean and the Miami skyline.” And Floyd being Floyd, he paid for the five bedroom, five bathroom 5,200 square foot home in cash.

Check out some pictures of Floyd’s absurd new home below and at Prestige Lifestyle Miami’s website here.

(Via LA Times)