Let’s Dissect Floyd Mayweather’s Offer To Fight Conor McGregor In 8-Ounce Gloves

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Things have been a bit quiet on the Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor front since their raucous world tour ended and both fighters returned to the gym to prepare for their boxing match on August 26th. But a recent social media post from Floyd has a lot of people talking, and it’s all about switching the agreed size of gloves from 10 oz. down to 8 oz.

McGregor comes from the UFC, where fighters duke it out in four-ounce gloves, but the match with Mayweather is set to take place at 154 pounds, and according to Nevada State Athletic Commission rules, that means 10 ounce gloves must be used. Some speculated when we learned the fight would be contested at 154 that it was a ploy from Mayweather’s camp to force 10 ounce gloves on McGregor to neutralize his power. But Mayweather is suddenly acting like he doesn’t care much.

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