Floyd Mayweather’s Decision To Fight Andre Berto Is ‘Embarrassing,’ According To Victor Ortiz

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Floyd Mayweather’s next and supposedly final opponent has been announced. Mayweather will take on WBA Interim Welterweight champion Andre Berto later this year, and the decision hasn’t gone over very well so far. While Berto is a fine fighter with a 30-3 record, a lot of people expected a bigger name for what’s being billed as the final fight of Mayweather’s career.

One person who falls into that category is Victor Ortiz, who has fought and lost to both men. In an interview with TMZ, Ortiz called the fight “embarrassing,” saying that “they both need to retire.” In fact, Ortiz stopped talking before he went on a rant, saying that he has “no respectful reply” to a question about the match-up, but not before saying that he’d like another shot at Mayweather.

If you’re with Ortiz and you’re not a fan of this being Mayweather’s final fight, have no fear. Amir Khan thinks that Mayweather’s bluffing on the whole “final fight” thing, and, in an interview with the Daily Mirror, he suggested that the two may be on a collision course next year for a super bout.

“I think the Mayweather-Berto fight is done,” he said. “Berto is a friend of mine. He’s won two of his last five fights. Mayweather says he wants an easy fight, so maybe that’s the reason he’s taken that fight.

“I can’t see it being me. I’ve not had any phone calls from anyone. The last time I spoke to Al Haymon he said ‘look, Floyd’s still not made a decision. I’ll get back to you’ and he hasn’t got back to me.

“I still think that fight can happen because I don’t believe Floyd is going to retire after a fight like that.

“I still think that he will come back for one more fight and that could be me.”

There’s still a long way to go until a potential Mayweather-Khan fight, but if Mayweather wants one last monster payday and is tempted by the opportunity to have a professional record of 50-0 (assuming he gets by Berto), it’s not at all crazy to think that it could someday happen.

(via TMZ, the Daily Mirror)