Conor McGregor And Floyd Mayweather Sr. Got Into It At The Press Conference After The Press Conference

The press conference after the first official stop on the Mayweather-McGregor World Tour was probably better than the official press conference itself. It wasn’t as good as Conor McGregor’s “f*ck you” suit, but in this conference after the conference, McGregor and Mayweather were able to get some questions in from the press, and Floyd Sr. decided to crash McGregor’s press Q and A which led to a ton of trash talk.

What really got Floyd Sr. going was McGregor saying: “this isn’t a real fight it’s a boxing match.” McGregor has stated many times that he would finish Mayweather Jr. in under a round if this were an MMA fight, much like how Randy Couture took out James Toney with ease in the Octagon, but no Mayweather wants to hear that. Floyd, during the press conference, even said he’d fight in an Octagon and wear 4 oz gloves, even though he wouldn’t.

Here’s the majority of their run-in below. You can hear Floyd Sr. shouting as Conor chomps his gum and responds in kind:

Here’s another angle. You can hear Floyd Sr.’s blood pressure go up as Conor gently lets him know that (Floyd Jr.) “has never had a fight.”

Meanwhile, Mayweather was taking questions and not really understanding them.