Floyd Mayweather Suggests Moscow As The Location For His Boxing Match Against Conor McGregor

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03.20.17 2 Comments


Floyd Mayweather is in the middle of a big European ‘Undefeated Tour Party’, travelling all over the place and talking to various media about how he’s gonna beat Conor McGregor up in their currently unconfirmed but now seemingly inevitable boxing bout. The biggest hurdle to clear was UFC permission, which president Dana White seemingly gave during an appearance last week on the Conan O’Brien show.

Now the two fighters just have to work out the details. And while Conor McGregor is angling for a September date, Floyd wants things to go down sooner … specifically in June.

“At the moment we have not signed any papers,” Mayweather said at a media stop in Russia. “But I hope that the match will take place in June. I want to give people the spectacle: the MMA world vs. boxing world. This fight can be organized in Moscow. I would choose to Moscow, if I were asked today.”

I’m sure the fact that he was in Moscow surrounded by Russia press had nothing to do with him throwing Moscow’s name around as a potential fight location. Media pandering at it’s best! Mayweather has never fought in Russia before … in fact, he’s made it a point in the later years of his career to always fight in his adopted hometown of Las Vegas. And there’s also that persistent rumor that the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas has been reserved for June 10th, just in case the fight comes together fast and furious.

But at least it seems like we’re past the point where we need to question whether the fight will happen and only need to guess at when and how it will go down. Floyd wants it. Conor wants it. The UFC … well, they’re not going to get in the way of it, at least. With the potential for a billion dollars to be made, you better believe this is going down. And if Floyd has his way, it’s going down soon.

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