Floyd Mayweather Is Enjoying Burger King And A Week Of Strip Club Partying Before His Fight With Conor McGregor

Back when the fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather was merely vapor and message board fodder, Mayweather was respectful of McGregor’s skills. As the fight progressed from a talking point to a signed contract, Mayweather continued to build up the angle that he was old and slow, putting his legacy on the line while McGregor was a powerhouse ready to knock him out.

It took until fight week for that to melt away.

While Conor McGregor works out almost non-stop in the latest UFC Embedded, Floyd Mayweather is enjoying his fight week by visiting Top Golf and eating Burger King. Normally, fight week is full of steamed veggies and lean protein, but the 40-year-old Mayweather is enjoying his flame-broiled patty as he mocks Conor with a mouthful of a former sponsor’s burger.

An errant Whopper Jr. won’t do in an elite athlete like Mayweather, but he’s not the young man he used to be. And he’s supposedly spending the entire week leading up to his fight “partying” at the strip club he owns.

It’s doubtful Mayweather is actually imbibing during fight week (he’s no Jon Jones), but if he is, could this mean he’s not taking McGregor nearly as seriously as he appeared to be when the fight was a sparkle in the eye of fight fans? Or is this just more mind games, and genius marketing by Floyd to get people to think he’s not taking his quest to 50-0 sincerely?

And is Floyd shook by Justin Bieber unfollowing him on Instagram? That’s the real question.