Floyd Mayweather Wants His Face On Every Boxing Championship Belt

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Floyd Mayweather may be retired from boxing, but that hasn’t stopped him from continuing to make his mark on the sport. In this case, he’s trying to make a mark on its major championship belts, literally. In a recent video for Fight Hype, Floyd made the argument that his face should be included on the belts he held during his career.

“I want the WBC to hear this right now. I want all the fighters to petition,” he said. “I need my face on the WBC belt. I need my face on the IBF, WBO, and the WBA, I need my face on all the belts!”

Don’t think that this is too outrageous of a demand. There are plenty of past titleholders immortalized with their faces on various boxing belts, with guys like Muhammad Ali popping up regularly. WBC president Jose Sulaiman also has his mug on every WBC belt. Speaking of the WBC and Sulaiman, they’ve already responded to Mayweather’s request.

“Floyd is a historic, iconic boxer, just like Muhammad Ali – who is on the [WBC] belt,” Sulaiman said (via BoxingScene). “Maybe it’s not a bad idea [to also add Mayweather]. There are boxers who represent an era. Now that Mayweather confirmed his retirement, we can consider something like that. If he is retired he has merit, we will see him, he was a champion in five divisions, he has a lot of merit.”

He does have a lot of professional merit, but then there’s all that ugly domestic abuse stuff in his personal life. Plus it still sounds like Floyd is staying fit just in case another nine figure payday falls into his lap like the McGregor fight did. If all the boxing associations want to play it safe, maybe they should wait a few more years to make sure Mayweather says retired (and out of the headlines for horrible, horrible things) before giving him a hallowed spot next to Ali on all their belts.

(via Fight Hype)

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