Floyd Mayweather Claims He Carried Conor McGregor In Their Fight

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Did Floyd Mayweather go easy on Conor McGregor to drag out their superfight back in August? Floyd has been implying that’s the case since the match went down, and now he’s saying it straight up.

Mayweather started out by trashing Oscar De La Hoya for calling out Conor McGregor, which does seem a bit whack considering De La Hoya tried to start a boycott of Mayweather vs. McGregor because it was a circus that would destroy boxing forever.

“When Oscar de la Hoya, the same one that was talking about me fighting Conor McGregor, he was trying to protest and stop the fight!” Mayweather exclaimed. “Now he’s trying to fight Conor McGregor. Is he a hypocrite or is he back on coke again? That man, that boy still snorting the lines.”

“Everybody try to protest the Mayweather McGregor fight,” he continued. “But I’m gonna tell you all the truth. You know I carried McGregor? You know I made it look good for y’all?”

This isn’t too different from comments Floyd made immediately after the fight where he admitted the gameplan was to start slow and build up the pressure over the fight. That was a gameplan designed to protect him from McGregor’s power early on when the Irish UFC champ was at his freshest and most dangerous. But ‘carrying’ implies he could have finished the fight at any point and didn’t, just to make it more entertaining for everyone watching.

Why the trash talk now? It could be ego … we’re sure Mayweather hears people asking how McGregor made it all the way to the 10th round, and the easiest answer is to say “It’s because I let him.” Then there’s the rumors that Mayweather is training for a 51st fight. There’s nobody out there who’d make him as much money as McGregor (De La Hoya would do all right, and surprise surprise he’s also getting name dropped), so this could be pot stirring in an attempt to draw Conor into a second boxing match.

As good as that would be for the bank accounts of both fighters, it’s not something we want to see. We just saw that. It was okay. But we’d rather see McGregor back in the Octagon where he gets to use his full range of weapons. If Mayweather wants to follow him in there, we’re sure Conor would oblige.