Floyd Mayweather Jr. Claims He Is ‘Very, Very Interested’ In Buying The Clippers

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04.29.14 3 Comments
Floyd Mayweather

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While NBA Commissioner Adam Silver handed down the so-called “nuclear” punishment to Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling in the wake of the racist comments he made on audio recordings kept by his mistress, V. Stiviano, the 80-year old has already reportedly claimed that he has no plans to sell. Silver, of course, slapped Sterling with a lifetime ban from the NBA, which means that even as he still owns the Clippers, he’s not allowed to have anything to do with them, and the rookie commish also boldly proclaimed that he had the ownership support that he’d need, per the NBA’s constitution, to see that Sterling was forced to sell his franchise.

Call it a hunch, but I’d imagine that Sterling’s lawyers are going to have plenty to say about this before anyone is announced as the new owner of the Clippers, but that is not going to stop wealthy celebrities and businessmen galore from expressing their interest in purchasing this team that will probably carry at least a billion dollar price tag. Magic Johnson has already thrown his hat in the ring, and now boxing champion and gambling aficionado Floyd Mayweather, Jr. has reportedly expressed interest as well.

Mayweather would undoubtedly need that group of billionaires to help him purchase the Clips, as he probably hasn’t done well enough in the ring and at the bookie to foot the bill himself. Of course, he’ll make about $45 million or so for fighting Marcos Maidana this Saturday in Las Vegas, but he’d still need to fight 22 more times at that rate to be a sole owner. Poor bastard.

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