Floyd Mayweather Is In A Cage Cutting Promos And Teasing An MMA Run

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Floyd Mayweather seems to have graduated beyond being content with having a 50-0 boxing career and hundreds of millions of dollars to truly looking for a way to cement himself as the greatest fighter in all of combat sports history.

The only way he’ll truly be able to do that is by winning at least a single fight in MMA against an elite opponent, or by stringing together an undefeated string of wins against lower-level competition. So the big question is: why is Floyd Mayweather in a cage cutting promos hyping a 2018 MMA run? Is he really doing this?

Is he in the midst of his mandatory six months of sprawl training?

We know that this is just a continuation of the video he released previously, in which he was stepping into a cage and looking around as if he was gearing up for a fight, but that was a one-off. Two videos officially makes this a campaign in the eyes of some combat sports fans.

Conor McGregor and Mayweather had a war of words in the lead up to their boxing fight, and Mayweather himself said they could rematch in the UFC, in a cage. Furthermore, Dana White confirmed that he was talking to Mayweather’s people about a “billion dollar” UFC run. In the grand scheme of things, it was way less obvious something was going on even when Mayweather and McGregor were jawing their way towards their superfight. Why would Mayweather tease this? Especially for free?

Granted, Mayweather wants to remain undefeated, but he also probably feels good enough to earn a few more paychecks. Is MMA the way, though? Why not fight GGG in nine months after he rematches Canelo?

All of this seems weird, but also weirdly right. We’ve possibly already seen stranger things happen.