After The McGregor/Paulie Malignaggi Drama, Floyd Mayweather’s Sparring Partners Explain How He Treats Them

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The fallout from Conor McGregor releasing allegedly edited footage of his sparring sessions with Paulie Malignaggi is still ongoing. Malignaggi is now challenging McGregor to a winner-takes-all fight, and many around the sport of boxing and MMA are decrying McGregor opening up the gym doors for everyone to see.

McGregor broke an unspoken rule when he released the Malignaggi footage. What happens in the training room stays there. Now Floyd Mayweather’s sparring partners are coming to his side to explain that McGregor did Malignaggi dirty, and on top of that, Floyd simply treats his training partners better.

Mayweather sparring partner Daquan Mays explained the differences between the two men to MMA Fighting:

“Floyd is real respectful, man. Treats you good, pays good. End of the day, gives you good recognition. He’s not the kind of guy that punches on you and tells everybody else to talk about you and brags about it. You don’t win fights in the gym. You do — but fights aren’t held in the gym. So there’s no point to brag about what you did in the gym. ‘I got a knockout in the gym, I got a stoppage in the gym.’ That’s gym work. It’s not about what goes on in the camp, it’s about what goes on when the lights shine on you.”

“You’ve gotta respect that kind of guy. To call Paulie, a world champion, to call guy like that to come to your camp, for him to join your camp, that’s big. For you to disrespect him in camp and post these photos as if you’re beating him, a guy who’s been doing the sport his whole life, it’s disrespectful.”

Mays went on to detail the apartments Mayweather gets for his sparring partners, which sounds like the complete opposite of what Paulie went through when he was put up in a “crack house” while McGregor rented a Lamborghini to drive around town.

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