Floyd Mayweather Sr. Thinks Someone’s Gonna Kill Conor McGregor If He Keeps Boxing

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. was endlessly humble and gracious following his 10th round TKO win over Conor McGregor, praising the UFC champion for his performance in the ring on Saturday night. The same cannot be said about Floyd Mayweather Sr., who pulled no punches in a post fight media scrum. The elder Mayweather went at it with McGregor in the past during a stop on the promotional World Tour, and his opinion of the Irish fighter clearly hasn’t improved after watching him box:

“I haven’t ever seen somebody talking like the way he talk. And then to go out there and fight like that? That was pathetic, I thought. Specifically because of all the illegal punches he did, hitting someone in the back of the head. All that kind of stuff, it’s crazy man. He ain’t showing me no boxing. I ain’t seen nothing. Rabbit punches I see.”

The elder Mayweather shrugged off criticism that it took his son too long to put away the novice McGregor.

“I wouldn’t worry about it anyways,” he replied. “Because as I told my son in the corner, I said ‘When he gets tired, he’s gonna get real tired.’ And he did.”

He also took a shot at McGregor’s positive demeanor following the loss.

“All the good was about the money for him,” Mayweather said. “Because it can’t be about no glory in what he did, because what he did was a failure.”

“Let me tell you something. If he keeps fighting, doing that thing right there with that boxing right there, somebody gonna kill him.”

(Via MMA Fighting)

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