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Dallas Cowboys offensive lineman Flozell Adams has been fined $50,000 for a shove in the back and subsequent fracas with several New York Giants at the end of the first half of their game Sunday. I say “fracas,” because it’s definitely more than a “quarrel,” but falls considerably short of a “donnybrook.”

Adams did not receive a suspension, said the person, who requested anonymity Wednesday because the punishment had not yet been announced by the league.

Adams already has been fined $25,000 for incidents in three other games this season, including $12,500 stemming from Dallas’ first meeting with New York in Week 2, when Adams tripped [Giants defensive lineman Justin] Tuck.[..]

Adams was fined $7,500 by the NFL after kicking at Carolina defensive end Julius Peppers in Week 3. He was docked $5,000 for an unnecessary roughness penalty in the opener at Tampa Bay before the first incidents with the Giants. –FOXSports.com

Watch the video after the jump to see Tuck call Flozell a dirtbag. But Flozell Adams seems to get away with just about anything, which is why a lot of people are wondering why someone hasn’t “taken him out” already. It’s simple. The league has already established itself as a central overseer of player discipline. Unlike the more donnybrook-friendly NHL, the NFL reviews game videotape out the wazoo, meaning that anyone set on delivering justice almost certainly will get a suspension of his own. Honestly, if Flozell didn’t have that big star on his helmet, I’m sure that he would have sat a couple game’s already. Jerry Jones seems to have a way of keeping the troublemakers on his roster…on his roster.

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