FlyBoarding Basketball Trick Shots, Because Why The Hell Not

Pro Wrestling Editor
03.15.13 2 Comments

Trick shot videos, this is your requiem.

TLS Takes a trip to Destin Florida and rides the “FlyBoard” to make a trick shot! Fun and easy to learn, and definitely fun for videos!

If you can’t tell from the image, a FlyBoard is a water-propelled device that allows you to float above the ocean like The Green Goblin, and if you’re in the business of making trickshot videos, a basketball is the perfect Goblin Bomb. These guys took a bunch of basketball equipment out to the beach and taped themselves shooting jumpshots from the deck of a space age flying device, and the results are as beautiful as they are unnecessary.

Full video is below. Warning: guys who play FlyBoard basketball do not have great taste in music.

I know I made a joke about it earlier, but how much do I have to pay somebody to let me FlyBoard to the top of the George Washington Bridge? Is that a thing I can do?

[h/t to Bob’s Blitz]

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