The World’s Greatest Flyers Fan Celebrated A Hat Trick By Throwing Her Bra On The Ice

As far as Philadelphia sports teams go, you could do a lot worse than the Flyers. We’d call the Eagles a mess, but then what word would we have left to describe the Phillies and Sixers? At least the Flyers are sniffing around the edges of the NHL’s Eastern Conference playoff picture, thanks to breakout seasons from guys like Brayden Schenn.

On Monday night, Schenn had his first career hat trick in Philly’s game against the Calgary Flames, and the first hat trick for a Flyers player at home since 2012. Fans had been waiting for so long that some of them apparently forgot what piece of clothing they were supposed to throw on the ice.

Breakfast on Broad shared this video to their Facebook page, and according to the comments, the woman in the video is Anne Duggan, who had brought that amazing, leopard-print bra with her to Flyers home games for three years waiting to throw it for a hat trick. Maybe she thinks bras are just hats for boobs? More likely, she was just a rebel waiting for her moment to make her mark.

You can see from the delight of fans around her that Duggan took that moment and made it hers. My only wish is that the camera had lingered on the ice sweepers long enough to see their faces.