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06.09.11 7 years ago

I’m not sure how old this is, and I’m not sure why they chose smooth jazz for its soundtrack, and I don’t know enough about soccer to expound much on the YouTube video description:

Funny penalty kick (Termeno vs Dro)

… but this video is lightning in a bottle, capturing the complete spectrum of human emotions in one hilarious penalty kick. The guy in white (we’ll call him “Mike Termeno”) kicks the ball, and it hits the crossbar, setting off a celebration from the goaltender (who we’ll call “Bobby Dro”). But! The slow-motion camera holds long enough to see Bobby (again, not his real name) stand in the middle of the field and pose his ass off while the ball falls back to Earth and takes a slow, bouncy roll back into the goal.

This video might earn WIN and LOL tags at Buzzfeed, but it should be recognized as an allegory for life. You should never run around pretending you’ve won before the ball hits the ground. Or if you do, make sure the crossbar didn’t put a wicked backspin on it.

[via Off the Bench]

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