Foot Locker’s Week Of Greatness Ad Might Be The Best Sports Commercial Ever

With almost a million views since it was uploaded to YouTube yesterday (and, you know, so many people owning televisions) you might’ve already seen Foot Locker’s new Week Of Greatness Kyrie Irving commercial, but in case you haven’t, oh man, it is the greatest.

Without hyperbole, it might be the best and most socially important sports commercial of all time.

To recap, we’ve got:

– Mike Tyson keeping Evander Holyfield’s ear in formaldehyde, giving it to Evander as a gift and the two hugging
– Craig Sager burning a pile of horrible-looking suits
– Dennis Rodman watching America cheer as he decides to go to North Korea and never come back
– Brett Favre making wiser-than-usual decisions about pie

So good. Although technically if you bite off a man’s ear and give it back to him, are you regifting?

Well done, Foot Locker. The only way they could top this is by making a commercial about the real Foot Locker experience, which is “going in to look at some shoes and having a guy dressed as a referee harass you about how you need to buy socks until you can sneak out.”