Watch As Chaos Ensues Following A Horrible Crash At The Dakar Rally

For those who may not have heard, there was a horrible crash at the Dakar Rally this weekend. The El Martillo racing entry had to quit the rally after a nasty, end-over-end crash in the stage-7 section of the race. The incident occurred when the team approached a dip that was considered “danger 2”, which essentially is a system used to gauge the kind of speed that can use when approaching each “danger.”

The problem was, the dip they hit was actually five-foot deep water cut (which in non-racing terms means they hit a really deep puddle). Driver Matthew Campbell insists that should have been marked as a “danger 4.” The speeds they were going at that point of the race (110 MPH) meant there was little they could do but hold on and scream prayers at whatever deity may have been listening at the time.

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Apparently, something was listening, because driver  Matthew Campbell and teammates Luis “Fito” Ramirez and Nico Ambriz, all survived. It’s remarkable to witness a mangled wreck like that and know people walked away from it. Things could have gone a lot worse.

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