Football is Returning to the Superdome

09.25.06 12 years ago

Have you heard about this? Apparently New Orleans has a football team, and they're going to be playing there tonight. Something about a storm last year and President Bush and Reggie Bush and only one of them cares about black people. I wasn't really paying attention. I was watching something about pop culture nostalgia on VH1.

Lots of people are up in arms about Green Day and U2 playing at the Superdome during Monday Night Football. Because Green Day are from California or considered ex-punk mall rockers who lost their street cred, or because U2 are from Ireland, or because Bono runs around the world like he's making a run for sainthood. But let's not lose sight of the real atrocity here: the Goo Goo Dolls. I'm not one to get into music discussions because everyone has their own opinions and I respect the fact that people have different tastes, but nobody cares about the Goo Goo Dolls. They really, really suck balls. The people who were dumb enough to like them in the first place have long since moved on to Yellowcard.

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