Thanks To The Internet, This ‘Wrong Ball’ Trick Play Failed Spectacularly

Congratulations, Internet. You’ve really done it this time. You’ve taken trick plays, a reliable source of delight and wonder, and you’ve ruined them forever. We’re now raising kids so deep in the Internet that they’ve become cynical, just like us. Sure, this video is delightful and incredible in its own right, a triumph of field-awareness, but what it represents is much darker.

Troy Hattori, positioned at linebacker for the Fort Lee Cobras, was the heads-up player who absolutely smoked the opposing quarterback attempting to run the “wrong ball” trick we’ve seen more than a few times on these Internet streets before. Shed a single tear for the QB, whose face was probably just beginning to hint at a grin when his ruse came crashing down right along with his body. When Hattori was asked what made him suspicious of possible shenanigans, he responded with one word: “YouTube.”

Are we truly entering an age when young athletes are no longer earnest, gullible adolescents willing to believe that an incorrect football has been placed on the field? Where is the reliable mystery of youth? WHAT HATH WE WROUGHT?! (Seriously though, this is a better place for youth football to wind up then a series of increasingly worrying referee attacks. Ironic detachment is far preferable to uncontained rage — just ask standup comedians!)

(Via MaxPreps)