For No Reason, Mark Henry Headbutting The Coyote (And Morning Links)

Pro Wrestling Editor
01.18.12 2 Comments

Somebody gon’ get they foam head split. (H/T to NDEddieMac)

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‘Archer,’ Podcasting, Lana Kane Cosplay, Veal Cutlets, And Truckasaurus Hands: An Interview With Aisha Tyler – Archer week continues. I wonder if I could convince my bosses to organize a The Gospel Bill Show week at UPROXX? [UPROXX]

gilly-snlTen Recurring ‘SNL’ Characters Who Should Have Been One-Offs – Calling bullsh*t on this list because Billy Smith is the funniest thing ever. I don’t think my brain has yet convinced me that Gilly is a real thing. [Warming Glow]

7 WTF Endorsement Deals Featuring Rappers – It’s even better when you make them up: Hip hop superstar Ma$e says drink more Ovaltine! More Ovaltine, uh huh, yeah! [Smoking Section]

Genius Parody: Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close For 9/11 Conspiracy Theorists – “A plane crashes in an EMPTY FIELD and leaves no trace. ARE WE AT F*CKING HOGWARTS?!” [Film Drunk]

Launch Photon Ass Torpedoes — Astronauts in Danger From Their Own Farts – This is what we’re gonna talk about today instead of doing the SOPA blackout. You’re really missing out, Wikipedia. [Gamma Squad]

17 Angelfire Pages That Are Still Up Right Now – This made me chant “holy sh*t” at my computer. Angelfire sucked when I started using the Internet in like 1996. What’s next, discovering the lost ruins of GeoCity? [Buzzfeed]

Adult Swim’s Songs For Helping “3-Way” – /takes detailed notes [Adult Swim]

Wendy Williams Launches Campaign To Save the Twinkie – Paula Deen should join in this, and the two of them should roll around naked in a field of obese babies. Launch a campaign to eat a head of lettuce, your insides look like burnt lasagna. [The FW]

‘Mad Men’ Season 5 Poster Is So Minimalist It Makes Your Ceiling Look Busy – Don’t care, still marking out. It should’ve just been a high-res picture of Trudy and Pete doing the Charleston. [FARK]

Based on the Movie Posters Alone, Which of these 10 Movies Are You Most Compelled to See? – Just Mad Men. But I would probably sit through The Enormous Face Of Kate Beckinsale In 3D. [Pajiba]

The Ultimate Bond Film – Cool story bro: I was trying to do a Google image search for James Bland, the guy who wrote the Virginia state song, and all I got was a bunch of pictures of Daniel Craig. Apparently that’s what people call him. I had no idea. My Bond knowledge is limited to “Goldeneye ruled”. [Unreality]

Troy & Abed’s Dope Adventures – Cool, but a little socially concerning at the same time. Basically the Uncool People On The Internet equivalent of Britta and Annie’s cheerleader wrestling. [High Definite]

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