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Mark Titus (pictured, with a fan) is a junior guard for Ohio State who has logged one minute of playing time for the Buckeyes so far this season.  While he may not be All-America material on the court, his blog, Club Trillion, is easily the best athlete blog I’ve ever read.  That’s right — Rod Benson, Paul Shirley, even Gilbert Arenas: not as good.

I’ve spent a good chunk of my morning going through the archives, and here’s a typical passage, from the team’s intrasquad scrimmage in October:

I spent a majority of the scrimmage talking to two 8 year old kids… Drake and Jake explained to me that the funniest thing ever would be to put a Sweet Tart in my water bottle. I told them the funniest thing ever could probably be found on YouTube. Jake then told me that he has a locker room pass and I told him I wasn’t impressed in the slightest because I have a locker room pass too.

Anyway, without getting too rah-rah for Titus, I recommend checking out the whole blog.  It’s chockful o’ deadpan delivery, self-deprecating humor, and lobbying for the adoption of short-shorts.  And he’s even got excellent grammar and punctuation, which is way more than I’ve come to expect from an Ohio State student.  Or a blogger, for that matter.

(thanks to KSK reader Andy, who listened to the Bill Simmons podcast recommending this so I didn’t have to)

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