For The Guy Who Cried Photoshop: The Kate Upton Circus Video

Pro Wrestling Editor
11.04.11 14 Comments

Early last month we shared with you a 55-image strong gallery of Kate Upton in her underwear at the circus, modeling the entirety of the LOLA Cruise 2012 Collection. Some of the comments, as we’ve come to expect, read like this:

While nearly every professionally-shot photo that appears on the Internet or magazines is touched up in some way these days, the implication here, as it has been before, is that Sports Illustrated model and America’s Best Girl™ Kate doesn’t look in real life like she does in these photos.

To disprove that implication, I present to you the live-action video from the LOLA Cruise shoot, courtesy of my favorite place to watch the Mr. Skin Minute, Egotastic. You can still claim that it’s all about angles, or that the black and white footage washes out 19-year old girl’s imperfections, but I think a more realistic theory is that she’s perfect and you should shut up.

kate-upton-beach-bunny-swimwear-2012-shoot by EgotasticMedia

0:14-0:18 for previously unheard-of levels of win. My favorite one is the one where you exist.

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