Forget Mojo, Pray For Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders and his second wife, Pilar, have had a very well-documented, nasty public battle going ever since they filed for divorce in September of last year. Pilar has accused Deion of being a narcissistic bully, among other things, claiming that the man who once called himself Primetime and wore more gold than Mr. T craved constant attention and demanded regular self-assurance, not only from his wife, but the multiple alleged mistresses that he had during their marriage.

Deion, on the other hand, has tried to maintain the image of a man who cares first and foremost about a stable family life and a sense of well-being for his three children with Pilar – Shilo, Shedeur and Shelomi – and apparently there’s no better way to support normalcy than having your kids fill out police reports and then post a picture of it on Twitter.

As you can see above, Deion and his kids filled out police reports against Pilar yesterday after she and a friend allegedly attacked Deion in his bedroom as the kids were watching TV. And because Twitter has always been known as a medium of truth and justice, Deion openly spoke of the assault to his Tweeps:

I guess each man is entitled to respond to his own divorce and, in this case, alleged domestic assault however he sees fit, so if Deion wants to broadcast his battles on Twitter, more power to him. I just love when Deion is in the news, because then I can share my favorite story about him – Carlton Fisk calling him a “piece of sh*t” – and probably the most unintentionally hilarious video of all-time…