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Former Gonzaga standout Raenna Jewell was busted for inappropriate relations with a minor. Not like a miner in a mine, or a mimer with a mime. They’re just called mimes. Anyway, Jewell was the Apache Junction High School freshman girls basketball and softball coach, and the article doesn’t say whether the 16-year-old in question was swinging the lumber or taking it to the hole. Break it down for us, Badjocks:

According to reports, Jewell, 25, was first arrested on suspicion of sexual conduct with a minor back on March 29, three days after cops received a report from the victim’s mother about some “suspicious text messages” being exchanged between her daughter and Jewell. Uh, oh.

Text messaging is going to take down an entire country one day, I can feel it. Can you imagine if Nixon had a cell phone? Actually, that’s a bit different, since the only person he tried to screw was, well, everyone.

|orig. seen in the East Valley Trib|

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