Four LSU Undergrads Were Arrested With Nearly 2000 Cans Of Beer

In a tenuous connection to sports*, four underage LSU undergrads were arrested after it was discovered they were transporting all of the alcohol in the known universe.

The young men, Harrison Coogan, Brandon Barbara, Hunter Coker, and Carson Buckner, all 19 and under, were pulled over in Alabama due to an expired tag on the truck they were driving on their way to Gulf Shores for Spring Break. The officer then asked to search the trailer they were towing, and idiotically, they consented.

Deputies confiscated 106 18-packs of Natural Light beer, five 12-packs of Corona beer and five liters of Franza wine. Deputies also took several bottles of rum, tequila, vodka and whiskey.

I wonder how that breakdown between Natural Light and Corona happened. Was everyone fine with Natty Light, but Harrison had to have Corona?

* – NASCAR was born out of moonshiners racing each other, so this is basically a throwback to the early days of the truck series