Fox Clearly Gets The NFL Demographic

05.17.10 8 years ago 14 Comments

Jeff Garcia's Super Bowl party just got a lot sexier.

In news about shows that my girlfriend tries to get me to watch, the Fox Network has made it clear that Glee will be its prime show next season, which is great news for girls and their effeminate guy friends. However, in a somewhat bizarre broadcasting decision, Fox executives have given Glee the highly-coveted 60-minute spot after the Super Bowl, which normally goes to American Idol. Thankfully, 99.7 percent of men watching the Super Bowl will be too drunk to realize that their sons are singing along to a Josh Groban medley.

Glee is a polarizing show, in that it’s for girls and men… who appreciate theater and dance. I can’t imagine that Fox really expects the typical NFL fan to get all Gleeked up, as much as they’re just positioning themselves to completely dominate that Sunday’s programming. However, it just doesn’t feel right. Sort of like that time that we had to share bunks at Bible camp.

Show me some jazz hands, E! Online:

Fox announced their 2010-2011 schedule bright and early Monday morning, and, as expected, they’re going for the gold with Glee. Those musical badasses not only secured a solid time slot, they also booked the 60 minutes all shows dream of—the hour following the Super Bowl.

As if this news wasn’t making the vein in my forehead pulsate enough, the writer goes on to use: “Holler!” Look, I understand what the Fox brass is trying to do and maybe I’m just mad that they never gave Arrested Development this kind of push, or maybe I’m just irritated that ever since the Janet Jackson nip slip the Super Bowl’s been so watered down that it might as well have a vortex tip.

I’m a traditional guy, and I want to watch standard dude television programs following the Super Bowl. I want to see shows with names like “Alligator Wrestling on Crystal Meth” or “Stripper Pillow Fights” or “Motorcycle Dragon Warrior.” It’s decisions like this that will eventually replace Bud Light with Bartles & James in Super Bowl advertising dominance. Then again, the music on Glee is still 10 times more relevant than the halftime performers.

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