Fox & Friends Have Ruined The Mystique Of The Smooth Foul Ball Switcheroo Kid

One of the weekend’s biggest videos featured a smooth-ass kid catching a foul ball at a Rangers/Blue Jays game and executing a sly switch to impress a girl. We called him the “King of Subterfuge.” He’s been on SportsCenter, ESPN, everywhere.

His most recent appearance — and the first one I’ve seen where he’s not just a GIF — was on Fox & Friends, where they either didn’t get what was cool about the video or totally threw his mystique under the bus. The money is that he caught a ball and gave the girl behind him a DIFFERENT one, right? Would the clip have gone viral if it was just a boy giving a stranger a foul ball? Here’s Elisabeth Hasselbeck and her emotional Clayface asking DO YOU LIKE BEING NICE ABOUT BASEBALL and this poor kid not having anything to offer beyond “yep.”

Leave the memories alone, Fox & Friends.