FOX Sports 1 Network Promises Even More Free Live UFC Events

People are pretty funny. For years, a lot of us have been openly begging and praying for any of the major networks to step up to the plate and start a 24/7 sports channel that could rival ESPN. NBC, bless its big greedy heart, has given it a shot, but mostly to hilariously awful results. That’s what happens when your best show features Peter King and Mikey Florio pretending to be cool kids in J-school. (Also, run Michelle Beadle, run!)

But word broke recently that Rupert Murdoch was busting out the checkbook to fire up FOX Sports 1, a new network that would shake the foundation of televised sports journalism as we know it. And then it was revealed yesterday that part of that foundation would be daily sports shows starring Regis Philbin and Terry Bradshaw and we were all like, “Oh come the f*ck on.”

Alas, lost in that crappy, awful-old-white-dudes-talking-about-things-that-bother-them news is some great news for us UFC fans. Notably that FOX Sports 1 is going to give us even more live discussions.

A live UFC event, currently dubbed “UFC on FSN 1 1,” is set for Aug. 17 in primetime. A second live FSN 1 event is planned for December, according to a FOX official.

Following FSN 1’s launch and continuing throughout 2014, Wednesday nights will be a regular destination for UFC programming, including 14 live fight-night events also airing in primetime.

Programming such as “UFC Tonight,” which currently airs on FOX affiliate FUEL TV, and event re-airs will also air on Wednesday nights on FSN 1.

Additionally, FSN 1 will bolster the UFC’s pay-per-view schedule in late 2013 and 2014, airing 14 preliminary-card specials. The UFC promotes at least 12 pay-per-view events per year. (Via MMA Junkie)

And apparently FSN 1 will have some other stupid sports like NCAA football and NASCAR or something, but all we care about is more, more, more and even MORE UFC events. It also finally gives us something to do on Wednesdays, which are notoriously the most boring nights of the week. Wednesday is the NBC of weekdays.

So once again, with FSN 1’s new devotion to bringing even more attention to the UFC, I think this is a stellar opportunity to develop The Ultimate Fighter 18: Team Celeste vs. Team Palmer, as the promotion searches for its next great ring girl. Erin Andrews and Ronda Rousey agree.