Fox Sports’ Katie Nolan Makes Her Bid For Worst First Pitch

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08.20.14 13 Comments

Katie Nolan of Fox Sports 1 was asked to deliver the first pitch at a recent Trenton Thunders game. She prepared for the moment by getting advice from some of the players. She also got advice from this dog. That was probably not a good idea. Dogs can’t throw baseballs Katie!

Katie Nolan dog


Katie looked calm and collected as she took the mound.

Katie Nolan first pitch 2


And her wind-up was pretty damn good (unrelated: why is the player in the background watching the jumbotron?).

Katie Nolan first pitch


But her ball did not find the mark, it was juuuuuust a bit outside.

Not as bad as Miss Texas and certainly better than 50 Cent, but I expect better more of a sports correspondent. I expect more from a former co-worker. By the way, keep Katie Nolan on your radar. She’ll be joining us this year in a celeb/blogger fantasy football league. Stay tuned for details from Burnsy!

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