Frank Caliendo Is Still Hilarious, You Guys

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10.30.12 2 Comments

Frank Caliendo John Gruden

As regular readers may know, With Leather moonlights as a Frank Caliendo fan site. We’ve covered the comedian’s firing from FOX Sports and hiring at ESPN, all the while clutching our bellies thusly and guffawing deeply at his non-stop John Madden impressions. It’s like “cut, it, out” for a new generation!

Because you’re Caliendoholics like us, you’ll be excited to see this clip of his Jon Gruden impression on ESPN’s Sunday Countdown. He has a wig! He makes faces! He says things about the football and his impression is pretty good! If he could somehow work in a jalapeno on a stick he’d be the greatest comedian of all time.


Once he loses his job at ESPN, Caliendo should learn to do a Louis C.K. impression and tell funny jokes.

[h/t to Sports Kings via Yardbarker]

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