Frank Caliendo Makes Super Bowl Picks As Al Pacino And Donald Trump In This Amusing Video

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02.07.16 3 Comments

Impressionist/comedian Frank Caliendo has seemingly been around since the beginning of time. His schtick hasn’t changed ever since he started doing it – he is going to take some kind of big event and use his natural ability as an impressionist to: 1) provide commentary on it and 2) make jokes about it.

The latest example of that came on Sunday, when Caliendo and a few friends did impressions of various celebrities picking the Super Bowl. The highlight is the impression of Denzel Washington performed by fellow impressionist Dean Edwards, who has Denzel’s voice, diction, and mannerisms down perfectly.

But, of course, the biggest name in this video is Caliendo, who throws down picture-perfect impressions of Al Pacino and Donald Trump. Sure, he doesn’t quite look like either guy, but he does his best to dress up like the two of them. The voices are of course spot on. Caliendo’s impression of Pacino perfectly characterizes his ultra-intense way Pacino carries himself, while the Trump impression is great because Caliendo keeps doing the “this person is a friend of mine” thing that Trump does all the time.

Along with those, Edwards does impressions of Tracy Morgan and Jay-Z, while other performers do impressions of Hillary Clinton, Matthew McConaughey, and Liam Neeson.

(via BroBible)

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