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San Francisco 49ers running back Frank Gore has a new agent! (horseshit registration required)

Gore signed with Miami-based [Drew] Rosenhaus last week after his first agent, David Dunn, told Gore he no longer could represent him. Dunn is facing a two-year suspension from the National Football League Players Association.

Yes, that Drew Rosenhaus. But why is Dunn facing a two-year suspension? Well, I looked it up, and there was lots of legalese that I didn't really understand, but it seemed Dunn was pretty good at extremely scheisty collusion. He also declared bankruptcy in 2003, in part to delay legal action against himself. So, naturally, Gore has picked up the single next-slimiest agent, who will almost certainly enter into an ugly negotaition process, right? AU CONTRAIRE:

"That's such a myth," said Rosenhaus, noting he quietly has brokered deals for such high-profile players as Jeremy Shockey, Chad Johnson and Anquan Boldin. "If you talk to general managers, they'll tell you we know how to get deals done. We are not obstinate."

Ugh. He's just so… slimy. I need to go shower to get all this agent off of me.

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