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MMA behemoth Frank Mir has fought Brock Lesnar twice, beating him at UFC 81 and then losing to him in the much-ballyhooed UFC 100. So Mir would be a knowledgeable fellow to ask about the dream matchup of Lesnar fighting UFC dodger Fedor Emelianenko, and which gentleman he would favor to prevail in that bout.

Though we may never see the fight take place, Mir was asked if he thought Fedor Emelianenko could beat Brock Lesnar. “In a cage no. In a boxing ring, possibly,” said Mir.

Mir also shared his honest opinion of Fedor’s recent signing with Strikeforce instead of the UFC.

“I think it’s an excuse to dodge top level competition. As long as he never proves he it, he can always keep the number one ranking. But if he goes into the cage and loses, he loses that.” via, via.

Mir also said that he wanted a rubber match with Lesnar, in order to beat the former pro wrestling champ in order to “show him how to properly act victoriously.” I’d like to see that; I’m a big fan of rematches. In fact, there’s a rematch coming up later this afternoon featuring “Li’l Punte” facing off against “Rosie Palmer.” Good seats are still available. For your mom.

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