Mark Hunt And Frank Mir Try To Face Off For UFC Fight Night 85, But Can’t Stop Laughing

Despite the fact that Mark Hunt and Frank Mir will enter the Octagon looking to beat their opponent into submission at UFC Fight Night 85, that doesn’t mean a moment of levity can’t break up the tough guy posturing and induce a chuckle. At the FN 85 face offs today, Frank Mir and Mark Hunt made the walk up to the stage, ready to puff out their chests, clench their fists and win the stare down before the weigh-in stare down. Psyching out your opponent is important. Winning that mental battle before you throw the first punch is vital. But winning the intimidation game is difficult when you’re dressed almost exactly like your opponent.

Yes, Mark Hunt and Frank Mir’s intense moment was ruined by the fact that they were both in sandals, khaki pants and black t-shirts. It was weird. In a current UFC climate in which fighters are struggling to display their personalities behind a bland wall of black and white Reebok gear, this accidental synchronized outfit made the weekend much more interesting.

The battle of the sandals with khaki shorts and black pants is on. Loser can never wear that outfit again. The stakes are only higher in a few specific situations.

(Via ZombieProphet)