02.27.08 10 years ago 20 Comments

The long and winding road of Tom Porras came to its inevitable conclusion when the judge dismissed the sex-abuse charges against the former teacher and track coach.

The prosecution ran into trouble in January when Abrams threw out Porras' confessions to Scottsdale police that he had fondled and ejaculated on the student, whom he had invited to his home for an "athletic massage."

Amy Nguyen, Porras' attorney, said Scottsdale police had ignored his constitutional rights to remain silent and have an attorney present when they questioned him on April 26, the day he was arrested.

That's great for Tom.  He must feel extreme relief after this release.  And though his name is cleared, Porras may still have some difficulty getting another teaching gig.  So you know what that means: Porras Athletic Massage, Inc.  Just be wary of the massage oil.

(Thanks to debonair ladies' man Scott for the heads-up) 

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