Free Fantasy Baseball with DraftStreet: This Time, It’s For Serious

Pro Wrestling Editor
06.22.11 5 Comments

The first time we partnered up with DraftStreet to promote their free fantasy baseball game, I finished in the fifties. I was embarrassed, so on the second try I drafted a bunch of Cleveland Indians, thinking “sure, this is going to work, yeahhh Go Tribe”. They got shut out, and I finished in the hundred-and-fifties.

We’re gearing up for game three this Friday, and I’m shooting for the two-fifties, because it’s an Uproxx All-Star Fantasy Baseball Game. Beating the guy who does The Dugout isn’t enough for you? What about all three guys who do The Dugout? Jon Bois and Nick Dallamora are throwing in. What about Matt Ufford from Warming Glow (who apparently used to do something on this blog, I dunno)? What about Gotty™ from The Smoking Section? He’s already gotten up a piece about it. Punte, Burnsy, Danger Guerrero, and practically everybody you know from the Uproxx network of sites is playing, and because it is free you have the chance to win CASH MONEY and assert DOMINANCE over the ENTIRE WEBSITE.

Sign up right now, because the S is going down. We’re heading headlong into this thing this Friday with a $300 cash pool, and with me playing that is easy f**king money.

It’s going to work just like before. You draft a one-night team of players from a salary cap, and the team that performs the strongest takes the cash. It’s free and everyone cool you know is playing it, even Marissa Miller in a Cubs jersey [citation needed]. The game starts (and technically ends) on Friday, and I LOVE YOU so DO THIS FOR ME.

Spoiler alert: I’m drafting Buster Posey and Albert Pujols this time. I can’t lose!

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