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Speaking of Isiah Thomas and New York's professional cagers, the Knickerbocker's owner is giving away some vittles:

James Dolan's beard isn't quite big or white enough, but he'll resemble Santa Claus on April 14 when the Knicks play their final home game of the season against the Boston Celtics. As a small thank-you to fans who were so supportive of his dreadfully losing team all year, the Cablevision chief is providing free food and soft drinks to all in attendance. Madison Square Garden this season was filled to 96 percent capacity, with 18 sellouts (and three more expected in the last four games, including the finale against Boston). "Other teams have done free food as part of a promotion to get people to buy tickets, but never after a game is already sold out," marveled one NBA source.

Yup, Dolan is just a generous son of a bitch. He did give Larry Brown $28 million for just one year of head coaching, and I think he's still paying Don Chaney and Lenny Wilkens. And he gave Isiah Thomas a contract extension. I wonder if Dolan is looking for a 'prank monkey' because I'm his man. Anyway, everyone knows Isiah is more giving:

So the day before Friday night's 118-110 loss to the Hornets, Thomas did what he does best: He opened his wallet in New Orleans. "I went out and I definitely made a contribution to the economy, tried to spend as much money as I possibly could here," the coach said after the Knicks' shootaround at New Orleans Arena Friday morning.

(/Sigh of contentment) What a great guy. -KD 

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