America Is Getting A Free Taco Bell Taco Thanks To Houston’s Cameron Maybin

America’s long national taco nightmare has finally ended. It took the Houston Astros and Los Angeles Dodgers more than two full 9-inning games to happen, but someone finally stole a base in a World Series game.

In the 11th inning of a wild Game 2 at Dodgers Stadium on Wednesday, Astros outfielder Cameron Maybin officially made November 1st free taco day at Taco Bell locations nationwide.

After a single, Maybin raced to second on a 1-0 ball by Brandon McCarthy. Things looked risky for a moment as the throw got in before Maybin reached the bag, but the ball went off his wrist and wasn’t corralled in time to tag him out.

The stolen base activated Taco Bell’s annual “Steal A Base Get A Taco” promotion, which is now set for November 1 between 2-6 p.m because the stolen base came in Game 2. It set off a bit of a celebration online early Thursday, complete with a spinning taco.

It was somehow the fifth most interesting thing that happened in the game’s extra innings, as it didn’t even really matter where Maybin was on base. George Springer crushed a 2-run home run in the next at-bat that gave the Astros a 7-5 lead and the eventual 7-6 win. But after the game, Maybin seemed more excited about the free taco than anything.

Because the stolen base did matter, of course. A free taco’s a free taco, after all.