Friday Face-Off: Kitten Agility Training Vs. A Very Hungry Bunny

01.20.12 6 years ago 10 Comments

Welcome to Friday Face-Off, our weekly random video competition that pits two of the Internet’s most wildly popular videos against each other for the sake of determining which is the world’s most popular video of this week. Please submit any videos to and if your video wins, you’ll receive a brand new With Leather t-shirt.

We’re going back to the Friday Face-Off roots this week, and we’re pitting two ferocious wild animal videos against each other. The first video is actually one person’s heroic effort to train the most terrifying animal in the whole universe – the common kitten. Make sure to double up on your adult diapers while watching this video, because you will urinate from fear.

Next up, we have the equally terrifying competition – a bunny rabbit eating a banana!

Choose wisely while the armies of this Earth team up to take down these ferocious beasts.

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