Friday Face-Off: Siku The Orphan Polar Bear Vs. A Gun-Toting Santa Claus

Senior Writer
12.23.11 5 Comments

Welcome to our weekly installment of Friday Face-Off, in which we pit two random videos against each other in the ultimate battle of “Awwww” and “Oh snap!” as you, our glorious With Leatherites, determine which video shall forever live in infamy as a champion. As always, feel free to submit videos to and winning videos will receive our super cool, not-for-sale-anywhere With Leather t-shirts.

As we tip-toe toward Christmas, I thought we’d try a little experiment to see if it’s possible for anything to be better than Santa Claus, who is totally real despite what my brother has been telling me for 27 years. Obviously I have a great deal of respect for the other many wonderful holidays that take place at this time of year, but they don’t have any mascots with immense commercial appeal, so maybe they should try a little harder.

That said, our first video this week is a super heavyweight contender, as it features the world’s most popular animal of the week, Siku the polar bear cub, who was abandoned by his mom because she couldn’t produce milk. Abandoned. On Christmas. Is it cold in here? Then it’s time to turn up the cute.

I have to admit, when I picked that video I knew it would be very difficult to top. But up next, I’m appealing to our childhood love of Santa and our manly obsession with firearms.

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