Friday Face-Off: Vote For This Week's Best Glass-Based NHL Violence

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04.13.12 2 Comments

In this week’s edition of the Friday Face-Off, we examine the very real problem of NHL players and fans using big rectangles of glass to incapacitate each other. Your job is to view the incidents and vote for your favorite, whatever your definition of “favorite” might be in regard to dudes getting injured by amorphous solids.

Your poll and options are after the jump.

Option 1: Shea Weber Faceplants Henrik Zetterberg

Option 1 took place at the end of Game 1 of the Nashville Predators/Detroit Red Wings Western Conference playoff matchup. Zetterberg heads into the corner and gets a little too close to defenseman Weber, so the Predator takes his name literally, punches Zetterberg in the side of the head and slams him face-first into the glass. Weber received a two-minute penalty for roughing, but nobody cared because the game was over. Nashville won 3-2 and Henrik just sorta had to kneel there with glassburn on his forehead.

Option 2: David Krejci Gets Flattened By His Own Fans

As a Caps fan, this is the one I’m voting for.

Chris Kelly scored in overtime in Game 1 to give the Boston Bruins a 1-0 series lead in their opening-round playoff series against the Capitals, so everyone skated over to goalie Tim Thomas and celebrated. Then, possibly because I wished for it hard enough, the Bruins fans accidentally dislodged a pane of glass and sent it collapsing onto Dave Krejci. He was fine, but he got KTFO by the joy of his own people.

So, which glass-based NHL violence is your favorite of the week?

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