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A Cruel End To A Surprising Season – Or as I like to call it, “the only good way for a season to end”. This is one of the few recaps of last night’s game coming out of New York to not feature the phrase “fill Yankee Stadium with the blood of our players and management”. [NY Times]

Adidas x Derrick Rose Behind The Scenes Of “The Bull” – This commercial would’ve been hilarious if it’d began with Rose being herded through the streets while people screamed and taunted him, then ended with him being stabbed to death by like four guys who aren’t even the bullfighter. [Smoking Section]

Football Guys: Arian Foster Analyzes Modern Traffic Infrastructure – If you aren’t reading Football Guys, Jon Bois’ football equiv to The Dugout, you are a dumb. I am geographically entitled to share every Football Guys about the Texans, btw. [SBN]

UFC 136 Cut List: 6 Fighters Who Need A Win Saturday Night – Don’t all of them need a win? I wish I knew how MMA worked. [Cage Potato]

The Path Of Mark Henry: An Inspirational Story of Splitting Wigs – From waste-of-time joke to the most hilariously awesome pro wrestler in the world, revisit the bizarre 15-year journey of The World’s Strongest Man, and try to forget about the whole “had sex with his sister” thing. [4th Letter]

CHIKARA Pro Wrestling In Tennessee – And speaking of wrestling, if you’re a wrestling fan who lives in NC or TN and you aren’t at this weekend’s CHIKARA shows, you need a lobotomy. KANA vs. Sara Del Rey, for crying out loud. If you’re there, be sure to find me and say hi. [CHIKARA]

10 Better Ways to Spend 4 ‘Kardashian Wedding’ Hours – 1. Stabbing self in crotch, 2. immolation, 3. marathon of “Scrubs” on Comedy Central (just kidding about that last one) [AOL TV]

‘The League’ Multipanes Are The Best – leeloo dallas multipane [UPROXX]

Top Ten Real People I’d Never Want to Be Stuck In a Cage With – Pretty sure I don’t want to be stuck in a cage with anybody. Except maybe the Smashing Pumpkins, for the jokes. [Brobible]

Anna Faris’ Husband Chris Pratt Gave Their Cat Away On Twitter – Scott Hatteberg counts as sports! I like that he’s “Anna Faris’ Husband Chris Pratt”, as if he isn’t in movies and on television shows. Yeah, The House Bunny is too big of a star for me to accept you on your own merits, Chris. [FARK]

25 Actors And Celebrities You Didn’t Know Appeared In ‘Star Trek’ – James Worthy should’ve worn his goggles over the make-up. Also, sadly I have dated enough uncool girls to know about all these people being on Star Trek. [Gamma Squad]

Frotcast 68: Real Steel, Burnsy’s Corner – Boxing robots! I can’t wait for this to be in theaters, I feel like I’ve been watching trailers and seeing commercials for it since I was born. [Film Drunk]

Aw, NBC Canceled ‘Free Agents’ :( – Just cancel everything and show “Home Improvement” re-runs. More power arf arf arf [Warming Glow]

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