Friday Morning Links are Not Sports

05.20.11 8 years ago

Just being up front. We’ve spent all week writing and reading about sports, so on Fridays we’re going to shake things up. Besides, we aren’t a sports site, we’re an ENTERTAINMENT site! We’re making movies! We’re like Wile E. Coyote! (Creative note: I wanted to write about sports here too, so don’t believe this paragraph, I just didn’t have a lot of sports links I liked. I like sports, I swear.) We’re a globally branded, publicly-traded company! Our stockholders want smashmouth action!

So, pending all of that, here are some links to pictures of The Great Depression and boobs.

Not Sports

Amazing Color Photos Of Depression Era Life In The Mississippi River Flood Zone – If Mark Twain had ever had a Facebook, this is what one of his photo albums would look like. Also, you would’ve already blocked him for his flagrant use of the n-word. [Uproxx]

Hot Girls In Star Trek Uniforms – To counter the actually-interesting first link, here are 25 hot girls (okay, about six hot girls and 19 “girls”) dressed like Star Trek. Who was your favorite character from Star Trek? Mine was, I think, probably, John Trek. [UGO]

Adult Baby Threatens Suicide If He Loses His Social Security – I think the headline of this article should read “President Obama Figures Out Taking Away Social Security is a Great Way to Get Rid of Adult Babies.” I don’t want to be intolerant of alternative lifestyles or anything, but “adult baby” sits about four rungs above “furry” on a brain damage ladder you don’t want to be a part of. [Warming Glow]

Righteous or Rapey? A Treasury of Rape Vans – I’m posting this link because I’ve been asked to, but I don’t like using the word “rape” as a funny headline, nor do I want to see the words “treasure” and “rape” in the same sentence again until that Gaspar Noé Pirates of the Caribbean sequel comes out. [Film Drunk]

Also Not Sports

A New Kate Upton Video – I finally figured out Kate Upton. You know how people (well, not people on Uproxx, but people) debate whether Annie or Britta (and by proxy Alison Brie and Gillian Jacobs) is the best and prettiest girl on “Community?” Kate Upton is Annie and Britta put together. That is why she gets to be Queen of Internets. [Sports Illustrated]

15 Most Memorable Actresses From Woody Allen Movies – This list begins and ends with teenage Mariel Hemingway. “Gee, now I don’t feel so good.” I think that character is as close as Woody ever got to portraying an actual living human woman. I wish he’d spent 1990-2005 making teen comedies. [Moviefone]

Video: Mailman Leaves Truck, Truck Comes to Life, Mailman Gets Run Over – This headline works for any situation. You can make a funny life event out of almost anything. “Person Puts Envelope in Mailbox, Mailbox Comes to Life, Crushes Person on Purpose” or “Giant Truck Comes to Life, Chases Emilio Estevez, Has Green Goblin Face.” [BroBible]

A Softer Worldmap – And because I can link whatever I want, here’s an old webcomic parody I did that was enjoyed by almost four people. [P-Boi]

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