All Star Bowling Trick Shots, The Most UPROXX Video Of All Time

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11.08.12 8 Comments

All Star Bowling Trick Shots

This video showed up on our tip line a few minutes ago, with the subject, “the most uproxx video i’ve seen”. I don’t think it’s even a contest.

‘All Star Bowling Trick Shots’ combines everything UPROXX loves: Funny Or Die videos, trick shot videos, celebrities doing weird stuff (like Craig Robinson dunking, or John Goodamn, or all intents and purposes the most bowling-related celebrity in the video, passing a bowling ball with a trampoline), Aubrey Plaza, kinda-crummy hip hop music … all it needs is for someone to turn it into an animate GIF gallery with subtitles and it’s our jobs in a nutshell. Oh, and Kate Upton should be there. And corgis.

Anyway, there’s nothing I can say about this video that isn’t trumped by watching it, so check it out below. Oh, I can say one thing: You are awesome, ‘Home Improvement’s’ Richard Karn, and you should be in everything. There. That felt good.

[h/t to Ryan Leary]

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