Funny Or Die’s ‘LeBron James – It’s In My Blood’ Is Perfect, Features Dog Flopping

Pro Wrestling Editor
06.18.13 5 Comments


LeBron lives the way he plays… with similar results.

Tonight is Game 6 of the NBA Finals, and if I were a betting man who has watched basketball ever I’d assume Miami would take it and force a Game 7.

To celebrate, here is Funny Or Die’s ‘LeBron James – It’s In My Blood,’ a celebration of King James’ unshakable desire for championship greatness and/or his ability to fall down and act hurt and offended on command. Highlights include an encounter with a dog walker, a trip to the convenience store and a rollerblader who totally got her elbow up and caught him in the eye (you just didn’t get the correct camera angle).

Check it out after the jump.

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